Somatotropin Neofin (Neofin)


  • Brand: MGT
  • Country of manufacture: Holland
  • Release form: bottle


Advantages of the drug somatotropin Neofin (Neofin)

Somatotropin Neofin (Neofin) is a potent drug, a 100% analogue of human growth hormone, which helps to quickly build muscle mass. You can buy growth hormone Neofin (Neofin) in our online store at an affordable price for everyone.

  • Acceleration and optimization of metabolism – the drug improves protein absorption and directs more protein to the creation and growth of new muscles,
  • reduce the amount of fat – making it an effective fat burner,
  • skin tone and hair condition increase – the hormone has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, has a positive effect on the skin,
  • strengthens ligaments and bones – bone tissue under the action of the drug becomes more flexible and dense, increases strength and endurance, the body recovers faster after training.

Dosage and Combination

The drug can be combined with anabolic steroids, but has side effects and requires post-cycle therapy. Excellent results without side effects can be achieved in the following dosages:

  • for effective fat burning, weight loss, removal of local fat deposits, productive drying courses – 10 IU per day,
  • for building muscle mass – from 12 to 15 IU per day (divided into 2-3 injections). Administer subcutaneously at regular intervals
  • the recommended duration of the course is 3-4 months, after which a mandatory break is required.

Side effects

  • from the endocrine system: hyperglycemia, increased symptoms of hypothyroidism,
  • allergic reactions: skin rash, itching, increased titer of antibodies against somatropin,
  • other: headache, swelling,
  • local reactions: pain, redness at the injection site. In the pharmacological field, the drug is used in a dosage of about 5 IU. However, athletes need more, especially when used on their own rather than combined courses.


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