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  • Historical data
  • Efficacy of Turinabol (EPF) and mechanism of action
  • Application and dosage of Turinabol (Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals)
  • Course usage
  • Side effects
  • Why is it worth buying Turinabol in our sports pharmacology store?

Turinabol (EPF) is one of the most powerful steroids, the main active ingredient is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone-AS, which is produced by various pharmaceutical factories under all sorts of trade brands. It is one of the best-selling substances in the world, which is used in anabolic cycles to improve relief. The Hulkshop steroid store makes the best conditions to buy Turinabol at the most excellent value.

Historical data

It was first created in 1965 by a German doctor, in particular by Jenapharm GmbH & Co., which was looking for a tool specifically for the needs of Olympic Games participants hosting the weightlifting category. For several years now, this anabolic has not lost its importance and is recognized among strongmen and crossfitters, as well as other representatives of sports disciplines. In fact, thanks to this substance, German athletes achieved crazy results during competitions. Anyone who is engaged in wrestling should buy Turinabol, because, in comparison with other steroids of similar composition, it does not aromatize into estrogen at all, in other words, it does not lead to side effects such as male gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body.Turinabol does not have high androgenic qualities, therefore, Turinabol can also be used by the female gender, without fear of the virilization effect, provided that the correct dosages are used.

Efficacy of Turinabol (EPF) and mechanism of action

Due to its low androgenic activity – 50% of the test, as well as a clear anabolic effect – 180%, the drug is used in relief courses. In addition, he showed excellent results at the time of drying and creating excellent, venous muscles. Turinabol alone or in combination with other anabolics equally gives a good effect, which attracts strong men and bodybuilders. This anabolic is distinguished by a rather long action after entering the body of a crossfitter. This anabolic steroid can rebuild lean, well-defined and dense muscles, it perfectly increases the strength of a weightlifter. An important advantage of the steroid is its rapid decay period.

There are several reasons to buy Turinabol (EPF):

  • Increases the indicators of strength and endurance anabolic not only develops the physical potential of a strongman, but also forces the body to work harder,
  • Lack of need for post-course therapy (since the turkic does not aromatize),
  • Short action (about a day). Therefore, the result is noticeable almost immediately after training. Most, use,
  • The drug is recommended to be taken twice a day,
  • The substance practically does not suppress the process of producing natural testicles (the normal functioning of the glands is restored already 7 days after the completion of the course of steroids),
  • Reduces globulin, which binds sex hormones, which has a good effect on muscle growth.
  • Application and dosage of Turinabol (Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals)

    Turinabol Ukraine for personal use can be bought by both beginners and professionals, and for the fact that the tool is one of the safest and easiest.

    The cycle takes 6 weeks, and the required dose for beginners is 40 mg per day and is divided into two equal doses. The pyramidal method of application is not recommended. For experienced bodybuilders, the dose is 40-70mg each day. Such a dose will make it possible to acquire a rapid increase in mass and strength.

    For females, the daily dosage should not exceed 5-10 mg.

    Course usage

    Turinabol can also be bought Kyiv for use in tandem with other equally effective sports pharmacology drugs.

    For weight gain, Propionate or Sustanon + Turinabol are often used. But, do not forget that the drug in large doses, and even in combination with similar drugs, can have a detrimental toxic effect on the liver.

    The course for creating a relief consists of Turinabol in conjunction with Parabolan or Masteron. Thanks to this mix, it will be possible to build an ideal figure with a traced relief, to which each athlete moves. The price of Turinabol is affordable, which is why it is possible to take a full course to get the maximum effect.

    Upon completion of any of these cycles, it is highly recommended to perform PCT with the support of drugs that stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone.

    Side effects

    Adverse reactions can be observed with the use of any steroid without exception. Before you buy Turinabol in Ukraine, there is a need to familiarize yourself with the possible negative effects when using a steroid drug.

    Most often observed:

    • Breakouts and oily skin
    • male pattern baldness,
    • increase in blood pressure,
    • May also cause hormonal imbalance,
    • Effects on the liver
    • Enlargement of the clitoris (when used by women).

    Some of the listed side effects are intermittent and quickly disappear after a dose reduction or the end of a course with a post-course therapy.

    Why is it worth buying Turinabol in our sports pharmacology store?

    Turinabol Ukraine is possible to order in the Hulkshop steroid store, you just have to make a purchase and we will quickly deliver the order to the city you specified. We offer customers the opportunity to buy excellent quality products from trusted manufacturers at an affordable price, which is important in the world of steroids. We will provide high-quality advice, select an effective cycle according to your request. Ordering from us is always easy and simple, from your mobile without leaving home.


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